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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Licensed to Wed

After a little bit of a delay, we are now officially licensed to be wed in the State of New York.

We ended up being able to use a baptismal certificate in place of a birth certificate (since Michael did not have one with the required raised seal). We didn't have an extra copy of his baptismal certificate lying around, but we were able to get one. And unlike the birth certificate, it was FREE... so we figured we might as well go that route for now. Michael still needs to get a certified birth certificate to have, but at least we didn't have to do it right now, when every little extra expense is sort of a big deal.

So off we went to the town hall on our lunch breaks... and thankfully, we didn't have a problem! We went in, showed the town clerk all of our required documents, and filled out the form. She said it would take a little bit for her to type it up and print it out, so we left to go get some lunch at Bruegger's (it was actually nice enough to sit outside today) and then went back.

Signed, sealed... and delivered right into our waiting hands. It felt really good to finally walk out with the piece of paper that makes it all official.

Now I just have to make sure that it's added to the "must-take-to-the-church" list. *sigh* So much to remember.

A few pics to capture the momentous occasion (haha):

16 days!


Jacki said...

Congratulations on officially being able to get married!
There's a lot more needed in NJ... a witness, for one, and it takes several weeks to get the paper back! You're lucky!

Question... how/where did you get the RSVP counter application? I want to include one in my journal on another site.
Thanks a bunch.

Lindsay said...

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RSVP Date: June 5th

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