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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I blame the wedding anxiety. The fact that my mind has been going a million miles a minute.

Or perhaps it was the champagne.

Last night, in an unconscious (subconscious?) state of mind, I left the comfort and quiet of our bed and crept out of our room. Why, you ask?

Well, to systematically remove the shower curtain liner from all of the shower hooks, of course. DUH.

The funny thing is that I wasn't aware of what I had done until I got into the shower this morning and saw that half of the curtain was hanging down. My first thought was "what the hell?" and then it just hit me. I sorta remembered doing it. And really, what other explanation could there be?

The only thing I really remember is struggling with some of the shower hooks. They aren't just hooks, they're actually those plastic rings that snap together. So sometimes, it takes a little effort to pull them apart. Not only that, but apparently I was concentrating enough to only remove the LINER from the rings, not the actual curtain.

Even now, I'm shaking my head at this situation. Why would I do this in the middle of the night? Why did I stop halfway through? Did I even have the light on in the bathroom when I was working on this? It makes no sense. But I guess it's like a dream... the things we think up in that state of sleep rarely do make sense.


I'm going to start leaving notes for my subconscious self. If I'm going to get up and do something in the middle of the night, I might as well do something useful. You know, like print and assemble programs or placecards. Or exercise (oooh!). I'd be the ultimate multi-tasker. Sleeping AND wedding planning... at the same time!

Just another exciting night in the life of a soon-to-be Mrs.

17 days!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

lol! That is too funny Im hoping that the stress/anxiety will not be bad as I get down to the wire.