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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Final Haircut & Fitting

This morning, I had my final haircut and color (highlights) before the wedding. I'm happy with how it turned out. I hadn't had my hair done since March sometime, so it was in dire need of a touch-up. I didn't mind the extra length in my hair, but I couldn't stand how it was all one length and so flat. This is me last week when we got our marriage license:

And this is me today (note: it's a little messy since I've been caught in the pouring rain about three separate times today!)...

Much better.

Let me just go off on a tangent here and talk about the weather for a minute. Today? Worst wedding weather EVER. My second (third?) cousin got married today. We weren't invited (we barely know each other), but I know my grandma was going.

I saw the weather forecast yesterday and saw that it was calling for rain, but when I woke up this morning, it didn't seem so bad. I thought perhaps they were going to luck out and it would be better than forecasted. Well, hell no. It started raining around noon and it literally did not stop until just a little while ago. I was at my mom's earlier, and for a while there, it was actually raining cats and dogs. Horrible, horrible wedding weather. Well, it is if you want pics outside, anyway.

My mom is convinced we are going to have perfect weather next weekend. I'm trying to prepare myself for anything. In fact, today, after my haircut, I ran to the Dollar Tree and bought 14 black umbrellas for Michael, me, and the wedding party in case it decides to pour on us. We thought us all having umbrellas would make for some cute pics if need be. I told my mom about the "Plan B" locations we selected with the photographers in case we can't take pictures outside. But my mom keeps insisting, no, we're going to have perfect weather.

And I hope we do. Last weekend? Ungodly hot and humid--absolutely miserable. This weekend? Pouring rain--depressing. So next weekend... it has to be nice, right? In theory. Even the laws of probability would seemingly be with us. But hey... you never know. I'm still prepared for anything.

After the Dollar Tree, I ran to my mom's and then we headed over to the seamstress for my final dress fitting. Just the hem and the bustle, actually. But my matron of honor also met us over there because we needed my mom and her to learn how to lace me into the dress. And thank goodness for the corset back. The seamstress was telling us horror stories about brides losing weight and gaining weight at the last minute and having to make changes even after the "final" fittings. I actually lost three pounds this week (without even trying!) so I'm grateful to have that flexibility with my dress. I'm hoping to drop a few more next week! :)

All is going well... only ONE WEEK to go!! At this time next week, we will be married.

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Lynn said...

I've been working on getting my photo card box together using your instructions and we finally had engagement pics taken (in the rain) today! Your hair looks very nice! Best of luck to you this week in your final prep for the wedding! I've been checking your blog every so often for ideas....thanks for all of your inspiration!