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Monday, June 16, 2008


I am naked. My left hand, that is.

I had to take my engagement ring and drop it off at the jeweler this afternoon. I wanted to get it deep cleaned and polished right before the wedding so that it would more closely match the "newness" of my band.

I'm bummed to be without it. I've already had a few panic "Oh my God!" moments today when I realized it wasn't on my hand. I guess I never realized how much I fiddle with it (touch it with my other fingers, play with it, etc.) until now that it's gone.

I'm also a little anxious about having it out of my possession... and the woman at the jeweler certainly didn't make me feel better about it. I go into the jewelry store on a fairly regular basis. If I'm in the area, I like to stop in and have them pop my ring into the cleaner. So I'm familiar with most of the people there. This one particular woman... I'm not very fond of her. She tends to be pretty bitchy most of the time, and I'm always disappointed if I have to interact with her. Well, today, as luck would have it... I walk in and she is the one to help me.

Back up a few weeks here... when Michael and I went in at the end of May to get our bands engraved, I told the woman there at the time that I wanted to have my engagement ring polished/cleaned before the wedding on June 21. I asked when I should bring it in to drop it off, and she looked at a calendar and told me to drop it off on June 16. She said it would be done for me on Wednesday or Thursday.

So today I walk up to the counter and the bitchy woman asks me how she can help me. I tell her, "I'm getting married on Saturday and I want to drop my ring off to get it cleaned and polished." She looks at me with wide eyes and says, "for THIS Saturday?" And I said, "yes." She responds, "Well, this process normally takes 10 days. We can't have it done for you by Saturday."

I proceed to tell her that one of the other ladies told me to bring it in on the 16th for my June 21st wedding. She asks what this person looks like, and I tell her. She goes into the back room and I can hear her say, "Michelle, did you tell some girl she could bring in her engagement ring today for cleaning/polishing for her wedding THIS Saturday?" And I hear Michelle respond, "Yes, we can get it done by Friday" like it was no big deal. *sigh* So annoying.

The bitchy woman comes back out and begrudgingly starts filling out a service form. She says she's going to write Michelle's name all over the form because she doesn't want "to get in trouble." Whatever, lady, just do it. I watch her as she starts to fill it out, and I notice she checks "14k" under metal. I think to myself... I didn't think platinum has carats.

She goes off and she's measuring my ring, writing down a description of it, etc. She comes back to the counter, and I see her writing, "Please polish/rhodium dip ring." I look at her and say, "Excuse me, but the ring is actually platinum." She gives it a quick look and says, all snotty, "It is?!" So she crosses off 14k, marks platinum, and then scribbles out the "rhodium dip" part on her instructions.

Meanwhile, I'm silently screaming in my head... THIS LADY WAS ABOUT TO RHODIUM DIP MY PLATINUM RING!! If I hadn't been paying attention, lord knows what would have happened. Would the person doing the work on the ring have even noticed that it was platinum before dipping it? ARGHHHH!!

We have had nothing but great things to say about this jeweler in the year since Michael purchased my ring and proposed. They have been really good to us; we even returned there to buy our wedding bands. But jeez! They certainly didn't inspire any confidence today. Needless to say, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my ring... which I guess is now scheduled for FRIDAY (not Wednesday or Thursday like I had originally been told).

Like I need another thing to do on Friday. Lovely.

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Jules said...

Good luck with all of the last details! I've totally kept up with your blog over the last several months and I'm so excited to see how it all comes together! Best of luck and congratulations fellow Aqua Bride! ;)