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Sunday, April 20, 2008

April Showers

I can't believe the shower has already come and gone. It was a whirlwind 3-4 hours, so I can only imagine what the wedding will be like.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day. We can only hope it was an indication of what kind of day we'll have for the wedding. We live in Western New York, people. It has been known to SNOW in April. Hell, even early May. But yesterday? 80+ degrees and beautifully sunny. I almost don't even want to say it (because we WNYers totally covet this type of weather), but it was actually HOT.

The shower was in a clubhouse in my mom's old neighborhood. We were so happy to be able to keep the patio doors and the front door wide open the whole time. And thank god, too, because the cross breeze coming through might have been the only thing to save me (and guests, I'm sure). During gift opening, I was nothing but a hot, sweaty mess. Just wait until you see the photos. Ick.

Everything turned out great. My bridesmaids did an awesome job of planning everything, and seeing everyone there was a lot of fun. As it always happens, I feel like I didn't get to spend enough time with everyone, and I didn't get photos of everyone I wish I had gotten photos of. But all in all, it was a total success. And with gifts... jeez, everyone was so generous. I can't believe all of the stuff we managed to collect in just a few short hours.

Several pics to share from the day:

Bridesmaids! Cristina, Melissa, me, Lindsay, Bethany, and Carrie. Sabrina couldn't be there because she lives in Virginia. She was missed!

The cake. This was probably the biggest disappointment. It was beautiful, and I'm sure it was delicious. But that's just the thing... I didn't get any. :( Carrie, Cristina and I were all on gift-opening duty and when we were done, we discovered there was not any cake left. I was bummed because the girls ordered from our cake baker for the wedding (because I love her cake so much!). Guess I will have to wait until the wedding to have her cake again. Booooo.

The gift/cake table. Overwhelming.

And the marathon begins...

Hmmm, what could this be??

Snack tables! Yea!

Too hot to handle

Inspecting a great gift... that wasn't even on the registry! Good find, Grandma!

Pizza stone and cutting boards

Another non-registry surprise. So happy about our new GPS! Thanks, Mom!

Oooh, toaster oven!

Pots and pans. Nobody could possibly understand how badly we needed them.

My completed ribbon bouquet to be used at the rehearsal. My friend Kristin did a great job with it. And I broke a whopping FOUR bows and ribbons during my unwrapping. I'm told that means Michael and I can expect four children in our future. And I was CAREFUL, too!

My mom, my grandma, and me

My two aunts, me, my grandma, and my mom

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Jenna said...

Oh yes, thanks for the advice.
Note to self: Take a moment to eat the delicious treats at a shower for yourself.