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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Invitation Station

I'm eating, breathing, sleeping invitations.

Today I printed all of the seals for the outside of the pocketfold. I also cut them, but I still need to cut the other two layers of the seal. These are the only things I'm cutting myself, thank goodness. Once all the layers are cut, I have to adhere them all to each other.

After that, I need to make all of the ribbon belly bands. Ugh.

I still need to print all the RSVP cards (each one is personalized), and I need to take those into work to get them cut, too.

Last night, I did MORE stamping. And MORE embossing. I'm getting so sick of it but I know I'm almost there, I'm almost done... and then I get to assemble.

Almost all the envelopes are addressed already; I just need to do the ones for which we were missing addresses.

These things are truly a labor of love. And I'll be so happy when they finally fly on their own and hit the trail to their respective recipients' mailboxes.

Ahhh... that'll be the day.

And that day is April 14. Let the countdown begin.


Dana said...

Are you putting where you registered in your invitation? I just heard on a wedding show that you should not do that.

Heather said...

No, we are not including registry information in the invitations. By most, doing that is considered tacky.

It is usually acceptable to include that information on a shower invitation, given that a shower's purpose is to "shower" the bride with gifts.

For a wedding, however, it seems pretty grabby to include registry info on the invitation. People will be able to find out where you're registered if they want to know.

Anonymous said...

what kind of adhesive are you using to adhere the layers of the seals together?

Heather said...


I used an AdTech permanent tape runner that I purchased at Michael's.