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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Financial Freakout

I'm sure this is a common occurrence for brides and grooms planning a wedding. You're going along happily, creating budgets, booking vendors, accomplishing task after task. Suddenly, it happens. You hit the point of no return. It's...

...Time to actually start paying for stuff.

Now that we're into April, we're approaching the due dates for some wedding things. Don't get me wrong; we can afford this stuff. We budgeted, we went into it knowing what we were doing. But we're savers, not spenders. Having checks of large amounts flying out the door on a routine basis is hard for me. I keep picturing how good that money would look if it stays in our bank account.

I really need to get over it. I'm stressing over this stuff and it's not healthy. But it's just so. far. out. of my comfort zone.

I made the mistake of making a "payment schedule" last week. I thought it would make me feel better to see everything organized, know exactly when we have to pay for each item, etc.

As it turns out, I was totally wrong.

All it did was completely overwhelm me. We have to pay off the remaining balance on our honeymoon accommodations by the end of this month. In May, we'll pay for some other things. But June... well, June is the kicker. Many vendors require final payment within a couple weeks of the wedding, or even on the wedding day itself. Those will be the days when the cash is flowing freely out of the accounts. Yikes.

I understand that this is a once in a lifetime thing. I keep telling myself that. And inside, I know this will all be totally worth it. But we work really hard for our money, so it's just hard for me to see it go. Even for the best of expenses.

At least this is all temporary. After the wedding and honeymoon, we'll have had a blast... the time of our lives, really. And then we can go back to "normal" life. Normal, like the balance of our bank accounts will start going back up again, instead of down, down, down.

These are the days you wish Donald Trump was your father. If only he didn't have that hair. If only he weren't so... weird.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Now that we've booked and bought all the big things, saving money is so hard. I would rather keep that money. We have to start paying for the bills starting in June. I'll be glad to finish paying this wedding off.