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Friday, April 18, 2008

Shower Hostess Gifts

My shower is tomorrow! I'm so excited; I can't believe it's actually here. Seems like when we set the date back in January, it was so far away. And now it's tomorrow. Wow.

Five of my six bridesmaids are hosting. My cousin Sabrina lives in Virginia and couldn't travel up for it, and from so far away, she couldn't really participate in the planning.

I bought shower hostess gifts for each of them. I did a variety of Bath & Body Works products. Three ladies got shampoo, conditioner, a small body wash and a small lotion. The other two got a large body wash, large lotion, and a pump hand soap.

I designed little nametags for the outside of the gift bags that coordinate with the shower invitations I made. I also made matching thank you cards--I'll post pictures next week.

I can't wait to see everyone tomorrow, and see everything the girls have worked so hard to plan. And I am SO excited for cake, too. Normally I don't care all that much about cake, but they ordered it from the same baker who is doing our wedding cake. It's so delicious... yum! I told Michael that I'm bringing home ALL the leftovers. No sharing! ;)

After the shower some of my girlfriends from college who are driving in (they all live 1-3 hours away) are staying the night so we'll come back to our house and hang out and catch up. Should be a fun-filled and exhausting weekend!

P.S. Six more RSVP cards today! 11 more yes responses to add to the tally!

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