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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Next Step: Assembly

With the completion of the belly bands last night, all is now ready for assembly.

I got started with some of them tonight. I did about 20 of them. I'm going to need a lot more adhesive tape than I originally thought. I already went to Michael's tonight to pick up an extra two-pack. I only got about 20 invites out of one roll. So I figure I have another 20 to do before I run out. Lovely.

T minus 6 days until they go out!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting the assembly.

: )

Are you going to give Step-by-Step for assembly as well? Are you just taping the invitations on the pocketfold and inserting the rest of the pieces?

Heather said...

Thank you. :)

No, I don't plan to provide instructions for assembly because it is so self-explanatory. All it involves is using the double sided tape for the mat and the invitation, and then putting the inserts, the RSVP envelope, and the RSVP card in the pocket. Once closed, I slip the belly band over the pocketfold and tada! Done.

Anonymous said...

I figured it was that simple... : ) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

What kind of tape did you use?? I am assembling mine right now and the tape rollers I have been using suck...everythings coming loose!