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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Banners - Nikki & Tom, Jamie

Here are photos of a couple banners I did last month. I haven't been able to ship anything out in several weeks because USPS has had problems getting me my shipping supplies. I have a bunch of orders just sitting here waiting to go out! Hopefully I'll get the stuff I need sometime this week and everyone will have their items soon.

For my friend Lesley, who ordered for her friends Nikki & Tom:

For Jamie:


Anonymous said...

I love your here comes the bride banners, now this may sound odd as I too am getting married in June but where does the Bride Banner go?

Clueless Bride

Nicole said...

I love your monogram banners! Do you just use regular ribbon for the edging? Do you fold it in half so it's on the back as well?

Thanks so much! Your work is amazing!

It's A Love Story said...

Hey I love you banners!!! What like of fabric do you use!