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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

There's a hole in our house

Well, as you may remember, we started what was supposed to be a simple floor project back in February. Unfortunately, due to some unexpected problems, we have been living with everything only half finished.

This week, the weather forecast was amazing, so we knew we wanted to take advantage of it and get this thing done once and for all. I called our contractor, but he had bad news. He has to leave to go out of town this weekend for his ailing in-laws, and said he wouldn't have a chance to spend a full day here installing the new sliding glass door, then another half day or so installing the rest of the floor.

At first, I was pretty disappointed. I have my college girlfriends coming into town for my shower on April 19 and they want to stay the night afterward... I was horrified at the thought of having them here with the house looking like it does. Not only that, but the weather next week is supposed to turn cold again and we were looking at it like this week was really our window of opportunity.

Well, our contractor was able to call another contractor friend of his to see if his schedule was more flexible. I met the guy at our house yesterday morning so he could get the scope of the job, and he said he'd be here this morning to do it. Sooo happy.

So they're here now, working on it. And thank goodness it is a beautiful day because there has been a hole in our house for a good two to three hours now. :) They removed the old sliding glass door and cut away the rotting subfloor so they can replace it with healthy wood.

More pics later!

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