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Friday, April 4, 2008

The Seals

Tonight, I finished the seals for the outside of the pocketfold invitations. These will be used to cover the seam in the ribbon belly band.

These are made with just different size pieces of paper layered on top of each other. I measured and cut them all using my Fiskars rotary cutter. Then I glued them together using a regular adhesive tape runner I have that I bought a long time ago at Michael's. I used almost two refills of the tape just to do these. There are cheaper ways of doing it (rubber cement, elmer's, etc.) but with so many little pieces, I think the tape runner is the way to go.

One more task off the list of invitation preparation...

1 comment:

kalen said...

very cute :) .... i'm starting to do DIY invites next week... getting the cutting done first!