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Thursday, March 13, 2008

100 Days

We are officially at 100 days. It's one of those magic numbers; those milestones that seem to make things way too real. Tomorrow, we'll be in the double digits.

Holy crap.

I remember back in college (I can't believe it was four years ago already), there was a "100 Days Until Graduation" happy hour for all seniors. Of course, given that graduation was in May, the 100 days was sometime in January or February, but what I remember most about that whole experience was that we celebrated 100 days and then BOOM. Graduation was there, in what seemed like a blink of an eye. And then it was over.

I'm anticipating a similar freefall for the wedding.

We have a lot left to do, but at this point, I am feeling confident about the progress. I'm really on a roll with the invitations right now. I'm "in the mood" to work on them, so basically every night I am doing something different for them. On Tuesday night, I spent about three hours making a wedding map to fit on a "Map & Directions" insert. Fun, fun.

We ended up making some changes to our invitations--we're not going to include a "Sunday Brunch" insert because we don't want to invite EVERYONE to my mom's house the morning after the wedding, and including it for some people but not others was getting too complicated. So we decided we will send out separate Sunday Brunch invitations at a later time, and it left me another insert to play with. So "Accommodations & Directions" was split into "Map & Directions" and "Accommodations."

Yesterday, I took our newly-designed and printed "Map & Directions" cards downstairs to the copy center at work to have them cut. Today, I plan to take both the "Accommodations" and "Reception" cards for cutting as well. I'm waiting on a few more last names of significant others, or more specifically, I'm waiting for a certain someone (*clearing throat* Michael!) to text/call his friends to get those last names. I need them before I can print our super-duper, redesigned, totally anal RSVP cards. They're awesome, if I do say so myself.

Last night, I stamped our return address on the back of all of the invitation envelopes.

Progress, people. It's progress!

Tomorrow night, I think we are going to finally meet with another videographer. I am really praying that he is everything we're looking for because with just a little over three months to go, this is something that really needs to be booked. Like, yesterday. I just have this vision in my head of what I want it to be, and a price that we want it to be under, and I really, really want this guy to be the answer to all of that. Let's hope.

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