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Thursday, March 6, 2008


That's how I'm picturing we'll be spending this Saturday--in complete misery. Why, you ask?


I was never dreading it as much as I am right now. It just seems like such. a. long. day. We have to be there at 8:45 a.m. for "registration," and then everything begins at 9:00. It ends at 5:00 p.m., and then we are expected to go to mass immediately following. So we're looking at a good 9.5 hours in the Catholic church on Saturday. And as much as I don't mind church--well, 9.5 hours?? I don't even have to WORK for 9.5 hours a day. I work 8:30 to 4:30 with an hour lunch break.

I'm just hoping that it's not nearly as bad as I am imagining. I've heard mixed reviews about pre-cana experiences. Some couples say it was really interesting and provided a lot of time for them to talk things out, learn some things, and listen to helpful presentations. Others have said it was a complete waste of time and it's tremendously boring. It probably depends on the parish at which you attend pre-cana--unfortunately, I don't know anything about this particular program.

I'm completely bothered that they haven't provided us with any idea about the structure of the day. I can't stand not having any clue what we'll be doing and for how long we'll be doing it. I am too much of a planner, and I like to be able to know what is coming next, when we're going to be done with this, etc. For days like this, agendas are my friends.

We received an e-mail today with an attachment called "what to expect," and I was all excited to open it to find out what exactly we'll be doing ALL day on Saturday. But it was just a document with a bunch of really vague things, like "don't expect to sit passively while we pour knowledge into your head," "we don't talk about being in love," etc. It also says something about starting the day off with an "ice-breaker" exercise so we get to know the other couples.

I hate ice-breaker exercises. I don't want to get to know the other couples. Just kill me now.


McShellMc said...

You poor thing! I hated pre-cana. Mine mostly consisted of the "leader couple" telling us what a great sex-life they have. That, plus 7 hours of Natural Family Planning - what a great communication tool it is (discussion your fertility with your man) . They even went to far as to infer that NPF prevents divorce! I asked "isn't that because the only people who use NPF are the ones who would never consider divorce anyway?" (no, I didn't get an answer). The couple never would give an answer when asked about the church's position on o--l sex or a--l sex before or after marriage. It was a long & exhausting day - imagine being stuck in an airport.... but when it's done you get your certificate and you can go marry your honey! So, its worth it.

Anonymous said...

9.5 hours!!! I've got you beat on that one... we have to go for the WHOLE WEEKEND!!!! Not to mention that it is costing us $225!!!!! We have to arrive Friday night and we leave sunday night after mass. I know that it will give us some time to spend together, but seriously, we live together, I hardly doubt we will talk about anything we haven't already discussed! Uggh. Have fun though!