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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jennifer & Eric

Here is an aisle runner I painted for Jennifer and Eric when we got home from pre-cana last night.

The heart print runner is something Jennifer found on Oriental Trading Company and had shipped to me. They have a hearts theme for their wedding, so she wanted to incorporate it instead of using the floral print runners I usually offer.

I designed the monogram, and was able to find a font ("Love Light") that actually incorporates a few subtle hearts, too. Very cute.


Jennifer said...

That looks awesome....!! How much did you buy it for and where ?

Heather said...

I am confused by your question, Jennifer. Please read the post--I believe I answered the question.

ralaissm said...

Looks great. I have been reading keeping on with your blog for a while & have seen a few you have made.

I think I may try to make one, although I know it will looking no where as good as yours.

Amanda said...

That's beautiful! Is the "K" in the font Love Light also?

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,

I am currently lively at NJ, I was hoping if we can meet. I would like to know how much you would charge me for the aisle runner exactly like Jennifer & Eric, but in royal blue.


Heather said...

NJ is 6+ hours from where I live, so unfortunately we cannot meet. However, I work with clients who are located all over the country. If you are interested in an aisle runner, please e-mail me at heatherkj11@yahoo.com. Thanks.