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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Recent Banner Projects

Tonight I want to share photos of some of my most recent projects, completed earlier this month.

I'm making really good progress on the items that need to be completed before our wedding, which are projects for May-July 2008 brides. My goal has been to get everything done by the end of March so I can completely concentrate on our own wedding projects, and it looks like I might actually meet that goal. This weekend, I worked on some other projects--monogram banners and aisle runners. I will have those pictures to post soon.

For Melissa, with burgundy edges and black text:
For Marta, with raspberry edges and black text:

For Michelle, with brown edges and brown text:


weddingsbydjk said...

I have some questions for you about your banners and aisle runners. Please email me at djtramper29@yahoo.com
Hope to hear from you soon

Courtney said...


I'm planning my wedding and most of this is DIY, I'm wanting to add some personal flair to our outdoor garden themed wedding. How did you make these banners, they're lovely!

Samantha said...

I am just curious how people use the "here come the bride" banners? How big are they? Does something have it at beginning of aisle before the bride walks down... or what? A little confused as to how/when it is used, because i think they are adorable.