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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mission: Accomplished

Last night, we met with a videographer... and walked away with a videographer for our wedding.

It is such a weight lifted off of our shoulders. The guy does wedding videography on the side--he works full-time as a multimedia person for a local church, so we met with him there and he showed us examples of his work. It was of good quality, and we really liked his prices. Everyone else we looked at was $1,000+, and packages often included things we didn't really need/want.

All we were looking for was ceremony and reception coverage, professional editing, and we wanted to have a "recap" of the day set to music so anyone could easily watch the "short version" without having to sit through the entire video. This guy offers exactly that. His coverage is completely unlimited, he'll be there as long as the day goes. Also, we get TEN copies of the DVD included in the price. Most videographers will give you two or three and charge you an arm and a leg for each additional copy. I don't even know what we'll DO with ten copies.

Best part? All of this for $750. Woohoo. For an additional $50, he'll come to the house before the ceremony and record some footage of the girls and me getting ready. We figure, what the hell--for only $50 extra, we might as well have him get those extra memories.

He's young(er) and fun, so we're excited about finally booking this vendor. Now we don't have to worry about regretting anything.

Also, this afternoon, I had a hair appointment to get it cut and highlighted. I took pictures of potential wedding day hair with me to show him because I wanted to schedule a trial. It was funny--the minute I showed him, he was drawn to the one that is actually my favorite. That helped solidify things a little. Of course we will have to wait until we see what it looks like on me, but I'm excited. This is the style we're going to use as inspiration:

Mine will most likely look a bit different since I don't have curly hair (it's naturally pin straight). But he said he has product that he'll put in to give my hair texture, and then we'll set it in some curlers for a bit. He told me I should try to find some type of hair pin--oye, just another thing to be on the hunt for.

We made an appointment for me to get my hair freshly cut and highlighted for one week before the wedding (June 14). Crazy guy, he actually suggested waiting to do my trial until then. Ummm, no. I cannot wait until one week before the wedding to test out my hairstyle. What if I don't like it? Then I only have like six days to find something new. So he budged a little and scheduled me for a hair trial on May 17. I'm still freaking out that it's still a little too long to wait, but I suppose it'll be here before I know it.

We'll see how it goes!

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Anonymous said...

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