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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Baby Boom

It's official: We're experiencing a baby boom.

We currently have four pregnant friends. One is the girlfriend of one of Michael's friends from college--they are due June 10. One is a good friend of mine from my previous job--she's due September 4. We just found out last week that ANOTHER good friend of mine, from the same previous job is expecting and due in October. And the last is one of my bridesmaids, Bethany--she's due October 29.

I guess this is how it goes. Two years ago, we had a huge wedding year. We had eight weddings in the May-October timeframe. It was insane. Incidentally, only one of those couples that got married two years ago is a couple who is pregnant. But still, it's just "that time" in our lives now.

I absolutely love babies, so I am very excited about the four new babies who will be joining us soon. I do worry a little bit about how they will change our friendships. I know that things will definitely never be the same. And although I'm extremely happy (genuinely) for everyone who is expecting, it is a little sad to think that in some ways, a lot of things are coming to an end. But ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, I'm sure we won't be too far behind. We're not looking to have kids anytime soon, but probably in a few years... and as we're learning with each passing year, time truly flies. And by then, who knows? We could very well be experiencing a "second baby" boom. :)

Speaking of babies, today we drove the two hours to celebrate Easter with Michael's family at his sister's house. So we got to see our absolute favorite little guy, our almost-seven-month-old nephew, Brendan. He is at such a great age. He is so happy, smiley, and has that absolutely heartwarming from-the-gut belly laugh. Michael was acting like a goofball with him and Brendan was completely cracking up. It gives me a little case of the "baby rabies," I swear. But I recover as soon as I realize that my sleep? Well, it'll be completely gone. And I'm not ready to give it up yet.

Here are a few photos from today:

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