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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well, it didn't take long.

The shower invitations were mailed on Friday, and people started receiving them yesterday. Michael and I were on our registry last night (I was actually showing him a glitch in the registry system), and lo and behold, several items have already been snatched up. Someone bought all of our flatware for us, and our wine corkscrew.

I guess a shower guest or two must have received their invitations yesterday and decided that they wanted the pick of the list. So exciting!

Must. stay. away. from. stalking. registry.

That's going to take a lot of willpower. It's just too fun to see the items say "fulfilled" next to them. I know it "ruins the surprise" and all of that, but 1) We already picked out all of the stuff, and 2) We still don't know who bought what. We had so much fun last night coming up with scenarios. "Well, hmm, I wonder if it was my grandma." "Or it could have been my aunt." "Or maybe the bridesmaids."

The mystery will be solved once and for all in about four weeks. Yippee.

Until then, I will try to be good. I will try.

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